Design elements:
The diamond of everlasting trapezoids represents our ongoing struggle with what we desire but can't have. The roman numerals symbolize a clock, which makes us realize we have a limited amount of time to achieve our goals which should be used wisely. The 3 bars on the inside of the diamond (which make up the "S" on the inside of the diamond as well) should represent 3 good reasons why we desire what we desire. If we do not have 3 reasons then maybe we do not need what we desire.

Inspiration for the design:
If there is one thing that I realized I actually want... it's time. And I say that for three reasons: I need time for my life, my family and friends, and for my success. I want the very thing I cannot have; which bothers me beyond any annoyance. People tell me I have time but they do not understand that we really don't. Because the time that we use doing counterproductive things could be used for our success.

However, the greater meaning behind this is that "time" is something we cannot conquer or retain and is limited. Therefore the concept of time, particularly the future, is simply unknown. This capacity makes being successful much harder because we cannot predict tomorrow. When that happens we become fragile; we lose hope as time passes. We begin to believe that what we are doing is not working because significant progress is not seen as years go by - time depletes ourselves of faith.